Been a while!

It might seem like I’ve been hiding under a rock for a while but thats pretty much because I have been.

Currently working on a few projects, a while ago I released WRC:2014 The Game. Go here to check it outĀ–80–.html

I also did some VFX work on Card Dungeon which was really fun and allowed me to use Unity which is great. Check it out hereĀ


Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver VFX


Trailer and screen shots for Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver. Worked on VFX for 360, PS3, WiiU, PC, 3DS, and iOS versions. Any sparkly bits, explosions, fireworks, glowing signs, wheel glows and smoke were done by me.

blueOnFire greenOnFire greenOnFireBike redOnFire


Environment Props